On Mon, August 25, 2014 07:21, Andrew Gierth wrote:
> Here is the new version of our grouping sets patch. This version
> supersedes the previous post.

The patches did not apply anymore so I applied at 73eba19aebe0.  There they 
applied OK, and make && make check was OK.

drop   table if exists items_sold;
create table           items_sold as
select * from (
       ('Foo', 'L', 10)
     , ('Foo', 'M', 20)
     , ('Bar', 'M', 15)
     , ('Bar', 'L',  5)
) as f(brand, size, sales) ;

select brand, size, grouping(brand, size), sum(sales) from items_sold group by 
rollup(brand, size);
    -->  WARNING:  unrecognized node type: 347

I suppose that's not correct.


Erik Rijkers

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