On 8/27/14, 1:38 AM, Andres Freund wrote:
It occurs to me that it'd also be nice to have some
>stats available on how this is performing; perhaps a dtrace probe for
>whenever we overflow to the hash table, and one that shows maximum
>usage for a statement? (Presumably that's not much extra code or
I don't use dtrace, so*I*  won't do that. Personally I just dynamically
add probes using "perf probe" when I need to track something like this.

Yeah, I didn't mean dtrace directly; don't we have some macro that equates to 
dtrace or perf-probe depending on architecture?

I don't see how you could track maximum usage without more
compliations/slowdowns than warranted.

I was thinking we'd only show maximum if we overflowed, but maybe it's still 
too much overhead in that case.

In any case, I was thinking this would be trivial to add now, but if it's not 
then someone can do it when there's actual need.
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