Dennis Björklund wrote:
> Is there a planned string freeze for postgresql?
> There was a (good) change some weeks ago that altered lots of witespace.
> Remember that it's enough to change a single space to make that
> translation of that string not work. To do "psql --help" and get half the
> entries in swedish and half in english would be ugly. I sent an update a
> couple of days ago that fixes the swedish translation. I'm not sure about
> the status of the other languages. Now I'm just planning for the release
> and to prevent us from getting into a situation where strings are altered
> the day before the release or something.
> There have been a lot work with the translations and would be nice if it
> works in the release.

This is a good question.  We only added translations in 7.2 so we are
still learning how to get those languages updated.  There should be
_very_ few changes from now until 7.3 final.  We need to keep in mind
that changes affect the translators.

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