Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> Tom Lane wrote:
>> One other interesting thought that occurs to me: are we going to support
>> UPDATEs that cause a row to belong to a different partition?  If so, how
>> are we going to handle the update chain links?

> Bah, I didn't mention it?  My current thinking is that it would be
> disallowed; if you have chosen your partitioning key well enough it
> shouldn't be necessary.  As a workaround you can always DELETE/INSERT.
> Maybe we can allow it later, but for a first cut this seems more than
> good enough.

Hm.  I certainly agree that it's a case that could be disallowed for a
first cut, but it'd be nice to have some clue about how we might allow it

                        regards, tom lane

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