Hello Marko,

I've changed the loop slightly. Do you find this more readable than the way the loop was previously written?

It is 50% better:-)

It is no big deal, but I still fail to find the remaining continue as usefull in this case. If you remove the "continue" line and invert the condition, it works exactly the same, so it is just one useless instruction within that loop. From a logical point of view the loop is looking for '%' and then check whether the next char is '%' or not, so the straightforward code helps my understanding as it does exactly that, and the continue is just an hindrance to comprehension.

Note that I would buy it if it helped avoid indenting further a significant portion of complex code, but this is not the case here.

[doc] I've incorporated these changes into this version of the patch, with small changes.


With elog(ERROR, ..) it's still reported, but the user isn't fooled into thinking that the error is to be expected, and hopefully we would see a bug report. If it's impossible to tell the two errors apart, we might have subtly broken code carried around for who knows how long.


In that case, it would make sense to keep distinct wordings of both exceptions in the execution code, so that they also can be set apart,
i.e. keep the "too many/few" somewhere in the error?


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