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    On 02/09/14 05:24, Craig Ringer wrote:

        I couldn't disagree more.

        If we were to implement anything, it'd be PL/PSM
        (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SQL/PSM). I'm sure it's as
        bizarre and
        quirky as anything else the SQL committee has brought forth,
        but it's at
        least a standard(ish) language.

        So we'd choose a bizarre and quirky language instead of
    anything better just because it's standard. I'm sure current and
    prospective users will surely prefer a bizarre and quirky language
    that is standard approved, rather than a modern, comfortable,
    easy-to-use, that is not embodied by the ISO. No doubt ^_^

SQL/PSM is used in >>>DB2<<<, >>>Sybase Anywhere<<<, MySQL,

    That's a way better argument that it's standard :)))

Still, I think postgres is in the position of attracting more Oracle than DB2+Sybase+MySQL users


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