On Friday 01 November 2002 03:25 am, Jinqiang Han wrote:
> Hello,all.
> I have downloaded the 7.3.2 rpm. I use rpm -i to install the rpm.
> When I want to regenerate a new 7.3.2 rpm, I use 'rpm -ba
> postgresql-7.3.2.specs' in /usr/src/redhat/SPECS. It show errors. It seem
> perl5 don't exist in the /postgresql7.3.2-root/usr/bin/lib/. After that I
> change the define perl 1 to 0 in spec file, It then can work properly. I
> wonder where to get perl5 package to make it whole?

What version of Red Hat?  It would have to be 7.2.3, as there is no version 

Do you NEED the perl client?  The perl build is a difficult one; and is going 
away at 7.3 anyway -- there will be a separate perl build.
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