On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 08:35:09AM +0200, Hannu Krosing wrote:
> >  Comments? I nothinig found about OO in the current TODO.
> I'm writing a small proposal for evoving inheritance and other OO
> features in 7.4 and beyond. Will post once 7.3 is out.

 Good! I look forward.

> > BTW, my
> >  examples are only small part of possible OO features, the others
> >  ideas are for example define PRIVATE/PUBLIC attributes in composite
> >  types
> At least the "Third Manifesto" by Date et.al. claims that PRIVATE/PUBLIC
> is better left to standard access control mechanisms (GRANT/REVOKE). 
> I agree to that.

 Yes, but it expect access control pre-column and for per composite type
 attribute. I understand PRIVATE as some internal data for methods
 and it needn't a speciffic access control, because control must be
 define for methods, and other way access PRIVATE data is not possible.
 IMHO it's better.
 The other important thing is possibility create table from type: 
 CREATE TABLE adresses AS address_t;

> > and methods, "SELECT p.name FROM person p WHERE p.pay->tax() > 100;"
> The methods will probably have problems with syntax clashes with
> existing stuff.

 Hmm, p.pay.tax() ?


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