Hello all!
I do some test with ODBC driver for PosgreSql, TimesTen & MySQL. I compare
performance on very simple request. Database always located on same PC as
test application. Test PC - Lenovo T500, Cnetos 6.5 64, 8 Gb RAM, SSD.
I found what PostgreSql ODBC driver is slowest in comparison.
IMHO problems related to protocol used. I can't use SHM connection to
server or even UNIX socket.

perftool report - http://freepcrf.com/files/db_test_pq.pdf
chart 1 (w/o timesten)  - http://freepcrf.com/files/drv_comp1.png
chart 2 - http://freepcrf.com/files/drv_comp2.png
test source - https://github.com/vvromanov/db_test

Vladimir Romanov

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