On 9/9/14 10:54 AM, Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
So I think this (and the corresponding dearmor code too) should be
refactored to use a StringInfo that gets enlarged as needed, instead of
hoping to guess the size correctly beforehand. To ease review, might
make sense to do that as a separate patch over current sources, and the
main patch on top of that.

Yeah, I thought the same thing while writing that code. Thanks, I'll do it that way.

BTW, I'm surprised that there is no function to get all the armor
headers. You can only probe for a particular one with pgp_armor_headder,
but there is no way to list them all, if you don't know what you're
looking for.

Right. The assumption was that due to the nature of how the headers are used, the user would always be looking for a certain, predetermined set of values. But I don't oppose to adding a pgp_armor_header_keys() function to get the set of all keys, for example.


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