(2014/09/09 18:57), Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
On 09/03/2014 06:39 PM, Robert Haas wrote:
Now some people might argue that we have that anyway, but the fact is
that a lot of people are using inheritance today, even with all its
flaws, and they wouldn't be if there were a long laundry list of
limitations that didn't apply to regular tables.  We should be looking
to lift the limitations that currently exist, not add more.

I agree. If we are to support UPDATE .. ORDER BY .. LIMIT, it should
work with inheritance. So the path forward is (using Marko's phrasing

    1) We put the LIMIT inside ModifyTable like this patch does.  This
doesn't prevent us from doing ORDER BY in the future, but helps numerous
people who today have to
    2) Someone rewrites how UPDATE works based on Tom's suggestion here:
which allows us to support ORDER BY on all tables (or perhaps maybe not
FDWs, I don't know how those work).  The LIMIT functionality in this
patch is unaffected.

What's not clear to me is whether it make sense to do 1) without 2) ? Is
UPDATE .. LIMIT without support for an ORDER BY useful enough? And if we
apply this patch now, how much of it needs to be rewritten after 2) ? If
the answers are "yes" and "not much", then we should review this patch
now, and put 2) on the TODO list. Otherwise 2) should do done first.

My answers are "yes" but "completely rewritten". So, I think we should work on 2) first ideally, but 2) seems a large project at least to me. So, I think it would be reasonable to implement UPDATE/DELETE .. LIMIT based on Rukh' patch for now and put 2) and the re-implementation of 1) after 2) on the TODO list.

I don't have enough time to review it for a while, so I'd like to work on it (and postgres_fdw's "update pushdown" enhancement related to it) at the next CF (I think I can do it earlier). I must apologize to Rukh for not having enough time for the patch review.


Best regards,
Etsuro Fujita

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