case-insensitive mathing could get multiple matches, which should be an
error but I've forgot to do so.


2014/09/10 17:54 "Kyotaro HORIGUCHI" <>:

> And one known defect is that you will get a bit odd message if
> you put an hba line having keywords quoted or prefixed with '+',
> for example
> +locAl   "postgres"           +sUs                        tRust
> The server complains for the line above that
> *| LOG:  invalid connection type "locAl"
>  | CONTEXT:  line 84 of configuration file
> The prefixing '+' is omitted. To correct this, either deparsing
> token into original string or storing original string into tokens
> is needed, I think.
> What do you think about the changes, Viswanatham or all ?

Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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