Thomas Munro wrote:

> @@ -2022,7 +2030,7 @@ EvalPlanQualFetch(EState *estate, Relation relation, 
> int lockmode, bool noWait,
>                        */
>                       test = heap_lock_tuple(relation, &tuple,
> estate->es_output_cid,
> -                                                                lockmode, 
> noWait,
> +                                                                lockmode, 
> wait_policy,
>                                                                  false, 
> &buffer, &hufd);
>                       /* We now have two pins on the buffer, get rid of one */
>                       ReleaseBuffer(buffer);

Doesn't this heap_lock_tuple() need to check for a WouldBlock result?
Not sure that this is the same case that you were trying to test in
heap_lock_updated_tuple; I think this requires an update chain (so that
EPQFetch is invoked) and some tuple later in the chain is locked by a
third transaction.

I attach some additional minor suggestions to your patch.  Please feel
free to reword comments differently if you think my wording isn't an
improvements (or I've maked an english mistakes).

Álvaro Herrera      
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