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On 09/10/2014 03:04 AM, Kyotaro HORIGUCHI wrote:
Hmm. Sorry, I misunderstood the specification.

You approach that coloring tokens seems right, but you have
broken the parse logic by adding your code.

Other than the mistakes others pointed, I found that

- non-SQL-ident like tokens are ignored by their token style,
   quoted or not, so the following line works.

| "local" All aLL trust

I suppose this is not what you intended. This is because you have
igonred the attribute of a token when comparing it as
non-SQL-ident tokens.

- '+' at the head of the sequence '+"' is treated as the first
   character of the *quoted* string. e.g. +"hoge" is tokenized as

I found this is what intended. This should be documented as

|2) users and user-groups only requires special handling and behavior as follows
|    Normal user :
|      A. unquoted ( USER ) will be treated as user ( downcase ).
|      B. quoted  ( "USeR" )  will be treated as USeR (case-sensitive).
|      C. quoted ( "+USER" ) will be treated as normal user +USER (i.e. will 
not be considered as user-group) and case-sensitive as string is quoted.

This seems confising with the B below. This seems should be

|   User Group :
|      A. unquoted ( +USERGROUP ) will be treated as +usergruop ( downcase ).
|      B. plus quoted ( +"UserGROUP"  ) will be treated as +UserGROUP 

This is why you simply continued processing for '+"' without
discarding and skipping the '+', and not setting in_quote so the
following parser code works as it is not intended. You should
understand what the original code does and insert or modify
logics not braeking the assumptions.


- Heikki

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