Another commitfest week has passed, and here are still. There are now 24 patches in "Needs Review" state, and 8 in "Ready for Committer". I'm not paying attention to the "Waiting on Author" patches - once we're close to zero on the other patches, those will be bounced back.

The good news is that all but two patches have a reviewer assigned. The bad news is that the rest don't seem to moving graduating from the Needs Review state.

Reviewers: please review your patches. And then pick another patch to review; one of the two that have no reviewer assigned yet, or some other patch. It is only good to have more than on reviewer for the same patch.

Patch authors: if your patch is not getting reviewed in a timely fashion, in a few days, please send an off-list note to the reviewer and ask what the status is. The reviewer might not realize that you're waiting.
- Heikki

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