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> Even more weird :)


> The reason why jsonb contains behaves so is check in the beginning of
> jsonb_contains. It makes fast check of jsonb type and elements count before
> calling JsonbDeepContains.
> if (JB_ROOT_COUNT(val) < JB_ROOT_COUNT(tmpl) ||
> PG_RETURN_BOOL(false);
> It's likely that "JB_ROOT_COUNT(val) < JB_ROOT_COUNT(tmpl)" should be
> checked only for objects, not arrays. Also, should JsonbDeepContains does
> same fast check when it deals with nested objects?

I think this is due to commit 364ddc. That removed the extra step that
had arrays sorted (and then de-duped) ahead of time, which made arrays
behave like objects at the top level. I think that this sort + de-dup
step was mischaracterized as purely a performance thing (possibly by
me). Basically, JsonbDeepContains() is consistent with the previous
behavior at the top level, but not the current (inadvertently altered)
behavior. I think the fix is probably a return to the previous
behavior. I'll take a closer look.

Peter Geoghegan

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