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> That's not entirely true. CRC-32C beats pretty much everything with the same
> length quality-wise and has both hardware implementations and highly
> optimized software versions.

For better or for worse CRC is biased by detecting all single bit
errors, the detection capability of larger errors is slightly
diminished. The quality of the other algorithms I mentioned is also
very good, while producing uniformly varying output. CRC has exactly
one hardware implementation in general purpose CPU's and Intel has a
patent on the techniques they used to implement it. The fact that AMD
hasn't yet implemented this instruction shows that this patent is
non-trivial to work around. The hardware CRC is about as fast as
xxhash. The highly optimized software CRCs are an order of magnitude
slower and require large cache trashing lookup tables.

If we choose to stay with CRC we must accept that we can only solve
the performance issues for Intel CPUs and provide slight alleviation
for others.

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