Attached is an updated version of the patch.


I notice that you decided against adding tags around function and type names.

It's really not about the IEEE changing something, but about someone
changing the Wikipedia page. The way I linked it makes sure it always
displays the same version of the page.

I understood that. I think that the likelyhood of someone removing the section about rounding in the IEEE standard is very low, and the current php link is pretty ugly from a REST perspective, and would prevent to see the possible improved version of the page. Well, no big deal.

Of course a general rule how to link to WP would be nice ...

I'm afraid that the current implicit rule is more or less "no links", at least there are very few of them but in the glossary, and when I submitted docs with them they were removed before committing.

However I do support the idea that these links are useful references and should be put where appropriate, even if it means that there must be some updates from time to time.


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