On 9/1/14 7:51 AM, Kyotaro HORIGUCHI wrote:
> The attached patch simply changes the context for local_... to
> PGC_USERSET and edits the doc.

I had this ready to commit, but then

    Invent PGC_SU_BACKEND and mark log_connections/log_disconnections
that way.

was committed in the meantime.

Does this affect what we should do with this change?

I guess one thing to look into would be whether we could leave
local_preload_libraries as PGC_BACKEND and change
session_preload_libraries to PGC_SU_BACKEND, and then investigate
whether we could allow settings made with ALTER ROLE / SET to change
PGC_BACKEND settings.

In the meantime, I have committed documentation fixes for the back
branches 9.0 .. 9.3.

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