On 09/15/2014 07:51 AM, Noah Misch wrote:
libintl replaces setlocale().  Its setlocale(LC_x, "") uses OS-specific APIs
to determine the default locale when $LANG and similar environment variables
are empty, as they are during "make check NO_LOCALE=1".  On OS X, it calls[1]
CFLocaleCopyCurrent(), which in turn spins up a thread.  See the end of this
message for the postmaster thread stacks active upon hitting a breakpoint set
at _dispatch_mgr_thread.

Ugh. I'd call that a bug in libintl. setlocale() has no business to make the process multi-threaded.

Do we have the same problem in backends? At a quick glance, aside from postmaster we only use PG_SETMASK(&BlockSig) in signal handlers, to prevent another signal handler from running concurrently.

I see two options for fixing this in pg_perm_setlocale(LC_x, ""):

1. Fork, call setlocale(LC_x, "") in the child, pass back the effective locale
    name through a pipe, and pass that name to setlocale() in the original
    process.  The short-lived child will get the extra threads, and the
    postmaster will remain clean.

2. On OS X, check for relevant environment variables.  Finding none, set
    LC_x=C before calling setlocale(LC_x, "").  A variation is to raise
    ereport(FATAL) if sufficient environment variables aren't in place.  Either
    way ensures the libintl setlocale() will never call CFLocaleCopyCurrent().
    This is simpler than (1), but it entails a behavior change: "LANG= initdb"
    will use LANG=C or fail rather than use the OS X user account locale.

I'm skeptical of the value of looking up locale information using other OS X
facilities when the usual environment variables are inconclusive, but I see no
clear cause to reverse that decision now.  I lean toward (1).

Both of those are horrible hacks. And who's to say that calling setlocale(LC_x, "foo") won't also call some function that makes the process multi-threaded. If not in any current OS X release, it might still happen in a future one.

One idea would be to use an extra pthread mutex or similar, in addition to PG_SETMASK(). Whenever you do PG_SETMASK(&BlockSig), also grab the mutex, and release it when you do PG_SETMASK(&UnBlockSig).

It would be nice to stop doing non-trivial things in the signal handler in the first place. It's pretty scary, even though it works when the process is single-threaded. I believe the reason it's currently implemented like that are the same problems that the latch code solves with the self-pipe trick: select() is not interrupted by a signal on all platforms, and even if it was, you would need pselect() with is not available (or does not work correctly even if it exists) on all platforms. I think we could use a latch in postmaster too.

- Heikki

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