This patch has been sitting in the commitfest with no activity since this email from July. What's the real status, who's got the ball on this one? Please update the commitfest app accordingly. If nothing happens in the next few days, I'll mark this as Returned with Feedback.

On 07/09/2014 03:53 PM, MauMau wrote:
From: "Alvaro Herrera" <>
I think the suggestion by Peter Eisentraut upthread was pretty
reasonable -- the Makefiles are already aware that they are building a
shared library, so scrape the info off them.  The less hardcoded stuff
in the msvc framework, the better.

I overlooked his mail.  Do you mean something like this? (I don't know yet
how to express this in Perl)

for each Makefile in under top_dir_in_source_tree or src/interfaces
   if (Makefile contains SO_MAJOR_VERSION)
     extract NAME value from Makefile
     move lib/lib${NAME}.dll to bin/

But the source tree contains as many as 206 Makefiles.  I'm worried that it
will waste the install time.  Should all these Makefiles be examined, or 16
Makefiles in src/interfaces/?


- Heikki

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