El 16/09/14 16:52, Szymon Guz escribió:
> Hi,
> I've been working a little bit on a patch for printing tables in
> asciidoc with psql.
> It's not finished yet, I'm not sure it there is any sense in
> supporting border types etc. The code is not cleared so far, but any
> remarks on the style not playing well with the normal postgres style
> of code are welcomed.
> The code just works. With extended and normal modes. With table
> columns made of funny characters, with alignment of data in table
> cells. I was trying to implement it similar to the html export
> function, however escaping of the strings was much easier, as the
> normal html-way substitution is not easy to implement in asciidoc.
> I'd like to ask you for any advices for this code.
> thanks,
> Szymon

Please add "asciidoc" in src/bin/psql/help.c[354]

        fprintf(output, _("  format             set output format
[unaligned, aligned, wrapped, html, latex, ..]\n"));

Tested the patch and worked fine.

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