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Saturday, November 2, 2002, 5:17:29 PM, you wrote:

TL> Steve Howe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> howe=# select p.oid, n.nspname, pg_get_userbyid(p.proowner), proname
>> from pg_proc as p, pg_namespace as n where pg_table_is_visible(p.oid);

>> However, this situation lead me into another issue. The new conversion
>> functions (utf8_to_big5, iso_to_alt, etc.) appear as listed in every
>> new scheme. Is this correct ? Shouldn't them be listed only in
>> pg_catalog? 

TL> They would be, if you had remembered the join condition ;-)
Oh, hehe. It worked, thank you.
I remembered to include the condition on the other metadata queries,
but forgot this one.

Btw I wanted to thank you Tom and Bruce for the "HACKERS] 7.3 gotchas
for applications and client libraries" post, it really helped a lot.
And also for solving the issues on the returned info on INSTEAD rule
queries... thanks.

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 Steve Howe                           mailto:howe@;carcass.dhs.org

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