* Tomonari Katsumata ( wrote:
> I'm thinking about a method which users get quick awareness it.
> Now, it's okay not to change current behavior except non-zero value yields
> a zero. A zero rounded down from non-zero gets an error.
> I attached new patch.
> This includes a document about above behavior as Heikki suggested.

Thanks for the updated patch!  I was going through it and there's a few

- Documentation change no longer applies

- Why aren't we worried about a specification of '7kB' being rounded down
  to zero for GUCs which expect at least BLCKSZ?  If the reason is
  "everything that works that way will error on zero anyway today", then
  I don't buy into that argument- there's no sense leaving it
  inconsistent and it would be a potential land-mine to hit later.

- The hint messages look like they need some rewording, at least.

In general, I'm a fan of this change and will move forward with it,
with changes for the above, unless folks object.  Based on the thread so
far, this sounds like the right solution and it'd be great to get this
simple change done to help move the CF along.



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