On 9/23/14, 8:02 PM, Michael Paquier wrote:
pgsql-hackers is as well a mailing list where people have technical discussions about features and patches, hence your question would be more adapted for pgsql-novice or pgsql-general.

Let's be fair and get the details perfect if we're going to advise people on list policy, and that's not quite right if you compare against http://www.postgresql.org/list/

The official description says you consider trying elsewhere first, and " If your question cannot be answered by people in the other lists, and it is likely that only a developer will know the answer, you may re-post your question in this list".

From that, it's completely reasonable that Mingzhe guessed how main() is used in PostgreSQL is something only a developer would know the answer to, and therefore should go here instead of pgsql-general.

My feedback would be to point out that that pgsql-general is also a list where " many of the developers monitor" traffic, and that's the right place to post first for this sort of question. The mailing list page does not make that completely obvious though, so this is an understandable thing to be unsure about. This is definitely not a pgsql-novice question.

The mailing list page could probably use an explicit clarification that pgsql-general *is* an appropriate venue for simpler questions "that only a developer will know the answer".

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