Abhijit Menon-Sen wrote:

> P.S. Trivia: I can't find any other options in Postgres where the
> argument is mandatory but the option is optional.

psql behaves similarly with its -d and -U switches also; note --help:

  -d, --dbname=DBNAME      database name to connect to (default: "alvherre")
  -U, --username=USERNAME  database user name (default: "alvherre")

Both are optional and have defaults.  Datadir for pg_controldata is also
optional and --help contains this blurb:

If no data directory (DATADIR) is specified, the environment variable PGDATA
is used.

I think you could replace those lines with
  -D            data directory blah (default: "value of $PGDATA")

But psql --help doesn't use $PGUSER to expand the default value for -U;
I'm not clear if this means we shouldn't expand PGDATA in the help line
for pg_controldata, or need to fix psql to expand PGUSER in -U.

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