Tom Lane wrote:
Yeah.  In fact I'd be inclined to remove the static variable and make
the code match float8out exactly (do "DBL_DIG + extra_float_digits").
P_MAXDIG is only used in the lines below:

#define P_MAXLEN (2*(P_MAXDIG+7)+1)
static int digits8 = P_MAXDIG;

Is it ok to remove #define P_MAXDIG DBL_DIG,
change P_MAXLEN to 2*(DBL_DIG+7)+1) and
remove the line 'static int digits8 = P_MAXDIG;' ?

Would then change the two geo output functions and replace digits8 by DBL_DIG in the #ifdef GEODEBUG / #enfif output stuff.

There a bunch of other places where output is produced. They are all within #ifdef GEODEBUG / #enfif blocks. Should these be corrected the same way ?

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