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> Hi Amit.
> Thanks for your comments, and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to
> respond.

No issues.

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> > 7.
> > HeapTupleSatisfiesVacuumNoHint()
> > a. Why can't we use HeapTupleSatisfiesVisibility() with dirty snapshot
> > as we use for pgstattuple?
> Heavier locking. I tried to make do with the existing HTS* functions,
> but fastbloat was noticeably faster in tests with the current setup.

I am not sure for the purpose of this functionality, why we need to
use a different HTS (HeapTupleSatisfiesVacuum) routine as compare
to pgstat_heap().  Unless you have some specific purpose to achieve,
I think it is better to use HeapTupleSatisfiesVisibility().

> Maybe I'll call it not_too_slow_bloat().

How about pgfaststattuple() or pgquickstattuple() or pgfuzzystattuple()?

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