On 09/05/2014 08:51 AM, furu...@pm.nttdata.co.jp wrote:
Thanks for the review!

I understand the attention message wasn't appropriate.

To report the write location, even If you do not specify a replication
So the fix only appended messages.

There was a description of the flush location section of '-S' option,
but I intended to catch eye more and added a message.

Is it better to make specification of the -S option indispensable?

The patch cannot be applied to HEAD cleanly. Could you update the patch?

Thank you for pointing out.
Updated the patch.

I don't understand what this patch does. When would you want to use the new --reply-fsync option? Is there any reason *not* to use it? In other words, do we need an option for this, couldn't you just always send the feedback message after fsync?

- Heikki

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