On 9/28/14, 11:53 AM, Shay Rojansky wrote:
I would, in theory, love to switch the entire thing to binary and thereby
avoid all textual parsing once and for all. If I understand correctly, this
means all queries must be implemented as extended queries, with numerous
extra client-server roundtrips - which are a bit hard to stomach. Section
49.1.2 of the manual also states that the unnamed prepared statement and
portal are optimized for the case of executing a query only once, hinting
that this is the proper way to do things - but this optimization still
cannot not eliminate the extra roundtrips mentioned above (PREPARE, BIND,

You don't have to do multiple round-trips for that; you can just send all the messages in one go. See how e.g. libpq does it in PQexecParams().


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