On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 21:40, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> >
> > Sure, script attached.  It uses a few of my other scripts so it will
> > need customization.  I can easily supply those missing scripts too.
> > I run it every 7 minutes from cron with:
> >
> >     */7 * * * *     root /letc/pgsgml >/dev/null 2>&1
> >
> > I can even install the whole thing on postgresql.org if you wish.  It
> > requires a personal crontab, of course, and a directory to put the
> > result.  I already have a ~momjian web directory for such stuff.
> Actually, from my read through the docs on CVS itself, there is a way of
> setting it up so that when something is committed, it runs an external

One way is to change the DEFAULT in CVSROOT/loginfo.  Normally its a log
accumulator or email system of somekind.  But there is no reason it
couldn't be more complex and kick off additional jobs.

Just make sure whatever it is execs a background jobs (commits are held
during execution of the script) and protect against simultaneous runs of
the background job.

  Rod Taylor

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