On 9/30/14 4:37 PM, Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
On 09/29/2014 05:38 PM, Marko Tiikkaja wrote:
Maybe I just suck at $SEARCH_ENGINE, but extracting armor headers
programmatically doesn't seem to be very popular.  I could only find one
example, which returned the last instance of the key.  But that seemed
to be more an accident than anything else; it wasn't documented and the
source code didn't say anything about it.  I also think that's the worst
behaviour.  If we can't agree on concatenation, I'd rather see an error.

May I ask you why you wrote this patch? What are you doing with the headers?

We're sending arbitrary messages between systems over HTTP(S), and a special header is used to tell the recipient system what type of message it is. The message types are specific to the domain, but you can think of them to be roughly equivalent to MIME types.

If what you're trying to get a sense of is why I'd prefer to see concatenation, I can't really help you. For our use case (and perhaps for everyone else as well) it would actually make more sense to throw an error if pgp_armor_header() is used on a key which appears more than once. The concatenation behaviour was an attempt at a "one size fits all" interface, but now that we're going to also have a pgp_armor_headers() function for users to implement the behaviour they want themselves, there's no real reason to try and guess what everyone wants. I think I'd prefer to see an ERROR in this case now.


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