On 10/3/14, 8:26 AM, Andres Freund wrote:
tps = 52.711939 (including connections establishing)
tps = 286.496054 (including connections establishing)
tps = 346.113313 (including connections establishing)
tps = 363.242111 (including connections establishing)

Just to clarify: that 10% number I threw out was meant as a rough estimate for a system with the default configuration, which is all that I tested. It seemed like people would likely need to tune all the usual things like checkpoint_segments, shared_buffers, etc. as well before seeing much better. You did all that, and sure enough the gain went up; thanks for confirming my guess.

I still don't think that means this needs a GUC for 9.4. Look at that jump from 1 to 8. The low-hanging fruit here hasn't just been knocked off. It's been blended into a frozen drink, poured into a glass, and had a little paper umbrella put on top. I think that's enough for 9.4. But, yes, let's see if we can add delivery to the side of the pool in the next version too.

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