Thanks!  Please add it to the next commitfest.

Sounds good.  I'll update the patch and add accordingly.

> I don't think has_rolinherit or has_rolcatupdate really need to move and
> it seems unlikely that they'd be needed from elsewhere..  Is there a
> reason you think they'd need to be exposed?  I've not looked at the
> patch at all though, perhaps that makes it clear.

There is no reason to expose them (at this point in time) other than

> * has_createrole_privilege
> > * has_bypassrls_privilege
> These are already in the right place, right?

If aclchk.c is the right place, then yes. :-)

> > * has_inherit_privilege
> > * has_catupdate_privilege
> These probably don't need to move as they're only used in the .c files
> that they're defined in (unless there's a reason that needs to change).

Correct, though, I don't see any reason for them to move other than
attempting to consolidate them.

> > * has_???_privilege
> Right, other things might be 'has_backup_privilege', for things like
> pg_start/stop_backup and friends.



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