Stephen Frost wrote:
> * Alvaro Herrera ( wrote:
> > Right.  In the "add to objname" cases, there is already some other
> > routine that initialized it previously by filling in some stuff; in the
> > case above, this happens in the getRelationIdentity() immediately
> > preceding this.
> > 
> > In the other cases we initialize on that spot.
> ahh, ok, that makes a bit more sense, sorry for missing it.  Still makes
> me wonder why objargs gets special treatment at the top of the function
> and objnames doesn't- seems like both should be initialized either
> before being passed in (and perhaps an Assert to verify that they are),
> or they should both be initialized, but I tend to prefer just Assert'ing
> that they are correct on entry- either both are valid pointers to empty
> lists, or both NULL.

I guess I could initialize objnames to NIL also.  I initialize objargs
because that one is unused for a lot of object types (so I would have to
set it to NIL in cases where it's not used), whereas objnames is always
used and thus we know it's always initialized later.

Maybe what I need here is just a longer comment explaining this ...

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