On 10/08/2014 11:10 AM, Peter Geoghegan wrote:
The reasoning behind making the unique index specification optional is:

We cannot easily cover corner cases with another syntax - unique
indexes must be named directly to cover every case, and make the
user's intent absolutely clear. That's not obviously the case, but
consider partial unique indexes, for example. Or consider uniquely
constrained columns, with an almost equivalent uniquely constrained
expression on those same columns. On the one hand I am not comfortable
failing to support those, but on the other hand it could get very
messy to do it another way.

As we all know, naming a unique index in DML is ugly, and has poor
support in ORMs.

I vehemently object to naming indexes in the UPSERT statement. That mixes logical and physical database design, which is a bad idea. This is not ISAM.

Instead of naming the index, you should name the columns, and the system can look up the index or indexes that match those columns.

(Remind me again, where did this need to name an index come from in the first place?)

- Heikki

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