Stephen Frost <> wrote:

> You can still double-quote reserved words and use them in general.  What
> we're talking about here are cases where a word can't be used even if
> it's double-quoted, and we try really hard to keep those cases at an
> absolute minimum.  We should also really be keeping a list of those
> cases somewhere, now that I think about it..

It is very important that a quoted identifier not be treated as a
keyword.  I would be very interested in seeing that list, and in
ensuring that it doesn't get any longer.

> I agree that we should probably seperate the concerns here.  Personally,
> I like the idea of being able to say "CURRENT_USER" in utility commands
> to refer to the current user where a role would normally be expected, as
> I could see it simplifying things for some applications, but that's a
> new feature and independent of making role-vs-user cases more
> consistent.

Yeah, let's not mix those in the same patch.

Kevin Grittner
The Enterprise PostgreSQL Company

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