On 10/28/2014 05:26 PM, Demai Ni wrote:
hi, guys,

I am looking for a couple pointers here about fdw, and how to change the option values during CREATE table time.

I am using postgres-xc-1.2.1 right now. For example, it contains file_fdw, whose create-table-stmt looks like:
SERVER file_server
OPTIONS(format 'text',filename *'testing.txt'*);

I would like to replace the 'testing.txt' with absolute path like '/user/testor1/testing.txt', and make sure the new value is saved in pg_foreign_table; the file_fdw_validator is used to validate the options, but is there a way to replace the optionValue here? And get the new value stored in pg_foreign_table?


BTW, in my real use case, I am trying to interpret a hdfs file and would need to save some hostname/port information in the option value, which not necessary specified by user.

This is the wrong list to ask this - it's a usage question that belongs on pgsql-general

See the documentation for ALTER FOREIGN TABLE.



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