* Thom Brown (t...@linux.com) wrote:
> I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere (although it may have as I haven't
> read through the entire history of it), but would others find it useful to
> have ALTER SYSTEM support comments?

I do think it'd be useful.  I don't think 'inline' deserves inclusion
and just complicates it more than necessary (my 2c at least).  I'd just
do them all as 'headline' and wrap at 80 chars.

I will point out that this use of COMMENT is novel though, no?  Comments
are normally handled as "COMMENT ON blah IS 'whatever';"  ALTER SYSTEM
is certainly special but I'm not sure I like the idea of having some
commands which support in-command COMMENT while others don't.

> The rationale being that it's often the case one wants to document the
> reason for a parameter being configured so, but there's no way of doing
> this for settings in postgresql.auto.conf as they'll be wiped out if added
> manually.

<<Comments about postgresql.auto.conf redacted>>



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