* Adam Brightwell (adam.brightw...@crunchydatasolutions.com) wrote:
> > * int64 (C) to int8 (SQL) mapping for genbki.
> >
> > That definitely should be a separate patch. Which can be committed much
> > earlier than the rest - even if we don't actually end up needing it for
> > this feature, it's still good to have it.
> Agreed.  I had previously submitted this as a separate patch, but I think
> it got lost in the weeds.  At any rate, here is the relevant post:
> http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/CAKRt6CTgJdeGFqXevrp-DizaeHmg8gNVqu8n5T=ix3javpw...@mail.gmail.com

Yeah, done now.



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