> Hello,
> How can I get all depend objects for oid of object? For example, I have oid 
> of db db_id and I want to get all oids of namespaces, which contains this db. 
> Thank you!

Hello, Dmitry.

Actually, this list is for developers (as described here [0]). You should ask 
this question on pgsql-general@, for example, or you can do it on 
pgsql-ru-general@, in Russian.

And if I understood you right you can use oid2name tool which is part of 
contrib. More info about it can be found here [1].

[0] http://www.postgresql.org/list/
[1] http://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/static/oid2name.html

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> С уважением, Дмитрий Воронин


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