On 16 December 2014 at 21:45, Stephen Frost <sfr...@snowman.net> wrote:
> * Simon Riggs (si...@2ndquadrant.com) wrote:
>> On 16 December 2014 at 18:28, Stephen Frost <sfr...@snowman.net> wrote:
>> > For the sake of the archives, the idea I had been trying to propose is
>> > to use a role's permissions as a mechanism to define what should be
>> > audited.  An example is:
>> My understanding is that was done.
> Based on the discussion I had w/ Abhijit on IRC, and what I saw him
> commit, it's not the same.  I've been trying to catch up with him on IRC
> to get clarification but havn't managed to yet.
> Abhijit, could you comment on the above (or, well, my earlier email
> which had the details)?  It's entirely possible that I've completely
> misunderstood as I haven't dug into the code yet but rather focused on
> the documentation.

Abhijit added the "roles" idea on Nov 27 after speaking with you.

AFAIK, it is intended to perform as you requested.

Please review...

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