We quite regularly have buildfarm failures that are caused by 'WARNING:
pgstat wait timeout' at random points during the build. Especially on
some of the ARM buildfarm animals those are really frequent, to the
point that it's hard to know the actual state of the buildfarm without
looking at several animals. The ARM ones are probably affected more
frequently because they'll often run on sd cards and such.

So I think a better way to deal with that warning would be a good
idea. Besides somehow making the mechanism there are two ways to attack
this that I can think of, neither of them awe inspiring:

1) Make that WARNING a LOG message instead. Since those don't get send
to the client with default settings...
2) Increase PGSTAT_MAX_WAIT_TIME even further than what 99b545 increased
it to.

Does anybody have an actually good idea?


Andres Freund

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