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On 12/25/2014 02:35 AM, Euler Taveira wrote:

Currently the same message goes to server log and client app. Sometimes
it bothers me since I have to analyze server logs and discovered that
lc_messages is set to pt_BR and to worse things that stup^H^H^H
application parse some error messages in portuguese.

IMO logging is simply broken for platforms where the postmaster and all
DBs don't share an encoding. We mix different encodings in log messages
and provide no way to separate them out. Nor is there a way to log
different messages to different files.

It's not just an issue with translations. We mix and mangle encodings of
user-supplied text, like RAISE strings in procs, for example.

We really need to be treating encoding for logging and for the client
much more separately than we currently do. I think any consideration of
translations for logging should be done with the underlying encoding
issues in mind.


My personal opinion is that we should require the server log to be
capable of representing all chars in the encodings used by any DB. Which
in practice means that we always just log in utf-8 if the user wants to
permit DBs with different encodings. An alternative would be one file
per database, always in the encoding of that database.

How much of this issue is caused by trying to machine-parse log files? Is a 
better option to improve that case, possibly doing something like including a 
field in each line that tells you the encoding for that entry?
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