On 2015-01-04 12:33:34 -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
> Andres Freund <and...@2ndquadrant.com> writes:
> > Off list Tom commented that suggestion with:
> >> An easy alternative fix, of course, is to not call isLockedRefname if
> >> we don't have a pstate (or else put the pstate==NULL test inside it).
> > I'm not a big fan of that - won't that essentially cause the wrong
> > locklevel to be used and thus open the door for lock upgrade deadlocks?
> Well, it would amount to assuming that the table was not mentioned in
> "FOR UPDATE".  Depending on context, that might be perfectly appropriate.

Yea. Given that there's apparently (given no reports of crashes in the
last couple years) not even indirect callers it's a bit hard to say
;). Given that it seems to be the easiest way to handle this, even
though it's not a nice fix.

> A quick grep finds these places that are visibly passing NULL to one or
> another addRangeTableEntry* function:
> convert_ANY_sublink_to_join(): pulls up an ANY subquery with
>     rte = addRangeTableEntryForSubquery(NULL, ...
> UpdateRangeTableOfViewParse(): inserts NEW/OLD RTEs using
>     rt_entry1 = addRangeTableEntryForRelation(NULL, viewRel,
>                                               makeAlias("old", NIL),
>                                               false, false);
>     rt_entry2 = addRangeTableEntryForRelation(NULL, viewRel,
>                                               makeAlias("new", NIL),
>                                               false, false);

Yea, found those as well by now... There used to be a some more in the
past, but never many afaics.

> An alternative of course is to not have this API spec for all
> addRangeTableEntry* functions, but just the two used this way.
> I don't much care for that though.

Yea :(. And creating a faux pstate for the above callers isn't
particularly nice either.


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