On 01/13/2015 06:04 PM, Timmer, Marius wrote:
  -malloc() (StringInfo is used as suggested now).

There really shouldn't be any snprintf() calls in the patch, when StringInfo is used correctly...

@@ -1187,6 +1187,7 @@ explain (verbose, costs off) select * from matest0 order 
by 1-id;
    Output: matest0.id, matest0.name, ((1 - matest0.id))
    Sort Key: ((1 - matest0.id))
+   Sort Order: ASC NULLS LAST
    ->  Result
          Output: matest0.id, matest0.name, (1 - matest0.id)
          ->  Append

This patch isn't going to be committed with this output format. Please change per my suggestion earlier:

I don't like this output. If there are a lot of sort keys, it gets
difficult to match the right ASC/DESC element to the sort key it applies
to. (Also, there seems to be double-spaces in the list)

I would suggest just adding the information to the Sort Key line. As
long as you don't print the modifiers when they are defaults (ASC and
NULLS LAST), we could print the information even in non-VERBOSE mode. So
it would look something like:

Sort Key: sortordertest.n1 NULLS FIRST, sortordertest.n2 DESC

Or if you don't agree with that, explain why.

- Heikki

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