On 2014/12/23 0:36, Tom Lane wrote:
> Yeah, we need to do something about the PlanRowMark data structure.
> Aside from the pre-existing issue in postgres_fdw, we need to fix it
> to support inheritance trees in which more than one rowmark method
> is being used.  That rte.hasForeignChildren thing is a crock,

> The idea I'd had about that was to convert the markType field into a
> bitmask, so that a parent node's markType could represent the logical
> OR of the rowmark methods being used by all its children.  I've not
> attempted to code this up though, and probably won't get to it until
> after Christmas.  One thing that's not clear is what should happen
> with ExecRowMark.

As I said before, that seems to me like a good idea.  So I'll update the
patch based on that if you're okey with it.  Or you've found any problem
concerning the above idea?

Best regards,
Etsuro Fujita

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