Fujii Masao wrote:
> I wrote
>> This is an inspiration from lz4 APIs. Wouldn't it be buggy for a
>> compression algorithm to return a size of 0 bytes as compressed or
>> decompressed length btw? We could as well make it return a negative
>> value when a failure occurs if you feel more comfortable with it.
> I feel that's better. Attached is the updated version of the patch.
> I changed the pg_lzcompress and pg_lzdecompress so that they return -1
> when failure happens. Also I applied some cosmetic changes to the patch
> (e.g., shorten the long name of the newly-added macros).
> Barring any objection, I will commit this.

I just had a look at your updated version, ran some sanity tests, and
things look good from me. The new names of the macros at the top of
tuptoaster.c are clearer as well.

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