On 2/12/15 3:20 PM, David G Johnston wrote:
>>Does "show enable_hashjoin" say it's off?  If not, I think you must've
>>fat-fingered the postgresql.conf change somehow.
>For future reference, posts like this belong on pgsql-performance.

>but postgres is still using the hash join algorithm even after modifying
>the postgresql code
To be fair given the original post, and some other recent posts by the same
author, the question is not "why is my query performing slowly" but rather
"I'm trying to change how PostgreSQL works and cannot figure out how to
properly enable and disable algorithms".  -hackers seems like the proper
forum though the OP could give more context as to his overarching goals to
make that more clear to readers.

-hackers is for discussion directly related to developing Postgres itself. This email was request for help, and nothing to do with actual development.

I'm not trying to dismiss the importance of the request; it is important. But the proper forum for it was -general or -performance.
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