Now that the issue with padding seems to no longer exists since the patch works both with and without padding, I went through the code and here are some comments I have (in no particular order).

In CheckPointReplicationIdentifier:
+ * FIXME: Add a CRC32 to the end.

The function already does it (I guess you forgot to remove the comment).

Using max_replication_slots as limit for replication_identifier states does not really make sense to me as replication_identifiers track remote info while and slots are local and in case of master-slave replication you need replication identifiers but don't need slots.

In bootstrap.c:
 #define MARKNOTNULL(att) \
        ((att)->attlen > 0 || \
         (att)->atttypid == OIDVECTOROID || \
-        (att)->atttypid == INT2VECTOROID)
+        (att)->atttypid == INT2VECTOROID || \
+        strcmp(NameStr((att)->attname), "riname") == 0 \
+               )

Huh? Can this be solved in a nicer way?

Since we call XLogFlush with local_lsn as parameter, shouldn't we check that it's actually within valid range?
Currently we'll get errors like this if set to invalid value:
ERROR: xlog flush request 123/123 is not satisfied --- flushed only to 0/168FB18

In AdvanceReplicationIndentifier:
+       /*
+        * XXX: should we restore into a hashtable and dump into shmem only 
+        * recovery finished?
+        */

Probably no given that the function is also callable via SQL interface.

As I wrote in another email, I would like to integrate the RepNodeId and CommitTSNodeId into single thing.

There are no docs for the new sql interfaces.

The replication_identifier.c might deserve some intro/notes text.

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